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"Over the past couple years, our company has chosen to build our business on the StudioPlus Enterprise platform. Now we can run our studio, corporate office, and production facility from a seamlessly integrated product, giving us the control we need to run our business every day."

Bill Orman
HR Imaging Partners
Ottawa, IL

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Spectra Enterprise

With Spectra Enterprise, you get all the functionality of Spectra Professional plus the ability to transfer data between individual studios, regional offices, and corporate headquarters.

Whether you are a small business with several locations or part of a large franchise operation, Spectra Enterprise allows you to quickly generate the consolidated analysis reports you need to run your business, while enjoying the benefits of centralized software administration.

Three-Tier Design
Spectra Enterprise's three-tier design provides maximum flexibility for both small business owners with just two studios and large franchises with hundreds of individual studios, regional franchisees, and a corporate office.

Spectra Enterprise Features

Unlimited number of individual studios, regional offices, and a single corporate office.
Centralized reporting of individual studio data, consolidated regional data, and corporate data.
Build and generate customized and proprietary reports based on the consolidated data.
Centralized administration of pricing, maintenance lists, and security information at the corporate and regional offices.
SQL Server database engine provides exceptional performance, scalability, and reliability for larger databases.
Automatic off-site backup of studio data.
Secure data transfers utilize existing Internet connections.
Post data to centralized accounting software.
Centralized telemarketing, client imports, and appointment generation, including the ability to disseminate data to individual studios. Data transfers can occur as frequently as every 10 minutes or as infrequently as once a day.
Optional data encryption using SSL connections to protect data privacy.
Automatic distribution of Spectra service releases.
Customized private label options available.

Spectra Enterprise Pricing

Per Location or Company
Single user
Two user
Five user
Ten user

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To Order
Contact an Authorized StudioPlus Dealer or call 888.862.4868

StudioPlus offers a full 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.
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Spectra on your Mac
Learn how to run StudioPlus Spectra studio management software on your Mac.
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