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"Our clients put a lot of trust in our studio. Our ability to deliver depends on having a rock solid studio system. So we trust StudioPlus with our most important digital assets."

Michael Gan
Meritage House of Photography
Pleasanton, CA

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Spectra Professional

Spectra Professional is an easy-to-use, PC-based, Mac-compatible, studio management and digital workflow software system with the power to revolutionize and streamline the way you do business.

Designed for busy portrait studios, Spectra Professional provides a full range of business management tools as well as the ability to track orders, invoices, payments, open balances, sales tax reports, and production orders for labs and vendors. Spectra Professional also features full digital workflow, analysis reporting, and seamless integration with the business and imaging software you use every day.

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Spectra Professional Features

Business Management
» Keep track of vital client information.
» View multiple days, rooms, and employees with the flexible calendar.
» Avoid embarrassing mistakes with Spectra's unique Scheduling Wizard.
» Keep your studio running efficiently with detailed task lists.
» Track detailed information regarding each session and appointment.
» Generate invoices and track open balances.
» Track inventory quantities on stock items.
» Stay in touch with clients with easily generated phone call lists, automated emails, and text messages.
» Target your marketing efforts with marketing plans and analysis reports.

Total Digital Workflow
» Capture tethered (via hot folders) or from memory cards.
» Generate slideshows with music.
» Produce amazing sales presentations.
» Create full composites.
» Incorporate green screen images.
» Quickly generate archive CDs/DVDs.
» Manage all your retouch activity.
» Easily link to Photoshop and Lightroom.
» Automatically render/print images.
» Render final images.
» Print images in house.
» Electronically deliver images for client download.
» Create lab CDs or FTP files to lab.
» Delete images from your hard drives.

Full Production Order Tracking

Analysis and Trend Reports
» View sample reports.

Seamless Integration*
There's no need to flip between business management and digital workflow because every feature of Spectra Professional is tightly integrated – whether you are performing day-to-day business management functions or digital workflow tasks. Spectra Professional is also seamlessly integrated with your other business management and digital workflow applications, including:

» Google Calendar™ (syncing for iPhone®, Android™, and other smart phones).
» QuickBooks® Desktop accounting software.
» Optional credit card processing.
» Optional APG Cash Drawer®.
» Microsoft® Office applications.
» Photoshop® and Lightroom® and other image editors.
» ProSelect™.
» Express Digital® Darkroom™.
» Optional upgrade to SQL Server®.
* StudioPlus cannot guarantee the functionality of third-party software or the compatibility of specific versions of the integrated software.

Technical Support

» Online chat support.
» Email support.
» Phone support.
» 1 year support included.

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Spectra Professional Pricing


Payment Plan
Pay in Full
Single user
Two user
Five user
Ten user

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To Order
Contact an Authorized StudioPlus Dealer or call 888.862.4868.

# Guarantee
StudioPlus offers a full 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.
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Spectra on your Mac
Learn how to run StudioPlus Spectra studio management software on your Mac.
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