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Reference #: SPTV 7-100
Created: 00.00.00
Last Revised: 00.00.00


Find out how how this powerful tool helps you easily filter data in order to select a specific group of records for reporting, marketing, and exporting purposes.

Please note: Because we are continually updating our library of training videos as new versions of our software are released, this video will likely show an older or newer version of StudioPlus Spectra/myStratus than you have installed. Don't worry! The video will still give you a great overview of this feature.



  1. Create a filter
    1. Decide what type of data you want to search through and select the filter type
      1. Clients
      2. Clients with family members
      3. Clients with marketing plans
      4. Clients with groups
      5. Sessions
      6. Sessions with promotions
      7. Invoices
      8. Invoices with detail lines
  2. Criteria
    1. Select records
      1. All
      2. Any
      3. None
      4. Not all
    2. Conditions
      1. Select the data field
      2. Select the parameter (equal, greater, less)
      3. Set the parameter value
    3. Adding criteria
      1. Add an elementary condition
      2. Add an advanced elementary condition
      3. Add a complex condition
  3. Sorting
    1. Click on the Sort tab
      1. Select the Sort By field
      2. Select how to sort, ascending or descending
  4. Filter example
    1. Birthday filter
      1. Filter type: clients with family members
      2. Criteria: family member birthday month
      3. Enter number of month
      4. Add another criteria to narrow it down (optional)
    2. Invoice orders over $1,000
      1. Filter type: invoices
      2. Criteria: invoice total
      3. Select greater than and enter 1000
      4. Add another criteria to narrow it down (optional)

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