The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Step 6: Syncing Sessions to show online

We display images on InspiredByYou based on whether they've been setup to Show Online in the Session Status itself OR manually via the Sessions Online tab / Show Online box being flagged and those images synced to the Stratus Drive.  We recommended you use the Session Statuses and Control Center.  

Important Note:  if the images are stored on a NAS Drive, you can NOT use the Control Center to upload images, it must be done manually.

Automatic Sync to Stratus Drive (Recommended)

Utilities > Control Center:    
Set up the job to automatically Sync to Stratus drive through the control center as soon as the session reaches a desired status, thereby getting that session online to InspiredByYou.

Double-click the Stratus Drive Image Upload

  1. Check Job Enabled
  2. Finish setting up control center job
    1. Choose a schedule - any days of the week your staff is working
    2. Choose the computer to run the job - pick one computer that is always left on
    3. Choose notification settings
    4. Choose Session for Selection Type
    5. Choose which folders to upload - InspiredByYou only needs the Preview Images, but if you offer Digital Delivery, be sure to select Hi Res.  You can store any of the image folders on the Stratus Drive
    6. Choose how many days before the images are purged from Stratus Drive
    7. Choose the Session Status you set up to Show Online when you set up your Session Statuses.  If you've set up Session Statuses by Session Types, please read this article
    8. Choose which Session Status to change to when the job is successful
    9. Choose which Session Status to change if the job fails 
  3. Click OK

Manual Sync to Stratus Drive / InspiredByYou

The manual method is good for one-offs - for example, if a client has a viewing appointment but cancels due to illness.
  1. Open the Session and go to the Online menu above the ribbon
  2. Select the Sync Folders icon in the ribbon
  3. Choose Sync Previews Folder with Stratus Drive  if you do not offer Digital Delivery.  If you do offer Digital Delivery, select the second option, Sync Previews, HiRes and Raw Folders with Stratus Drive.

     4.  Once the Sync is finished, go to the Online tab of the session, and complete the section.  The only requirement is to check the Show Online box.


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