The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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myStratus API and Zapier Integration

myStratus API

How to sign up for myStratus Web API integration:

To get started with Web API integration, sign up for our Web API by emailing support.  Find Pricing here.  Once enabled, we will email an API-Key to you. The fields available to be utilized can be found via our Swagger site.

How to use the Web API key:  StudioPlus provides support through the API documentation available on Swagger.  However, StudioPlus will not hook your site to the API for you. You will need an API Professional to support that. Zapier is a service that makes hooking up to APIs much simpler. See below for more details on Zapier. If there is myStratus field that you need that is not on the Swagger site, please email us and we will get it added.

To use an API key, put the API key you received in an email from StudioPlus in this box. Then click the Explore button


Depending on the item you are trying to use, there are different options.  Certain items can only pull info from the myStratus database. Other items can “put” a record into myStratus. Please review the Swagger site for the full list of fields and functions. For questions not answered by the Swagger site, contact support. We can provide info on what data the field represents and how that field can be manipulated.


Zapier Integration

If you are interested in using Zapier to hook up a different software to your myStratus system, first sign up for a Zapier account here.

Let’s walk through an example Zap to show how to use Zapier. In this example, we will go over how to hook myStratus up to Google Sheets.

  1. First, use this link to start. This is an invitation to connect to myStratus:
  2. You've Been Invited to myStratusTestZap | Zapier
  3. Click the button at the bottom to Accept Invite and Build a Zap.



  1. Click the “Create” button.
  2. In the “What would you like to automate” box, choose what you would like to happen. You can type in something similar to what needs to be done to help narrow down the list. Click the Try it button once you have found the correct one.

  1. This brings you to a screen similar to the screenshot below. It will ask you to Sign In to the app to be connected. You will need to sign in to the application that you are connecting to. In my example, it will ask for me to allow Zapier to link to Google Sheets.


  1. Select the second step and click Change.

  1. Type in myStratus and click on the myStratus app in the list.

  1. Now Zapier needs to connect to myStratus. Click the Sign in button. You will be asked for the Account name (subdomain), login initials, and password used to log into the myStratus Desktop app. You can find your subdomain in the Help > About menu in your myStratus software.

  1. Once connected, select the Event to be used. Then click the next two Continue buttons.

  1. Zapier will show the fields available from myStratus. Each one that you want to use needs to be “mapped” to the matching fields in whatever app you are trying to integrate with.  The Action menu allows you to do that. It shows all the fields from myStratus with a text box to choose the field from the software you are connecting to.

  2. Click in each field to “map” the field. In my example, it’s the column headers of my Google Sheet along with the data in the first row of that sheet.

  1. Here you can see that in myStratus Last Name is mapped to the Google Sheet’s last column header, First Name is mapped to first.

You are now connected!

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