The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Setting up InSpiredByYou

If you are a myStratus User, please follow the instructions here for InspiredByYou .com 2.0.

Complete the following steps to set up InSpiredByYou in Spectra:
Watch the video or follow the written instructions below.

1 - Set Up an InSpiredByYou Account

Contact StudioPlus Software, (888) 862-4868, to set up an account.

StudioPlus will provide you with an Client Username and Password, as well as a link to your site that you can use from your website.

2 - Set Up InSpiredByYou Preferences in Spectra/myStratus

There are several settings related to InSpiredByYou that must be set up in Spectra/myStratus. They are found in Maintenance > Preferences > Preferences. This is where you activate InSpiredByYou, determine what your InSpired site looks like, select watermarking options, choose how you want to process online payments, and more. In addition, your StudioPlus account credentials must also be entered in your Company (Studio) Preferences.

Enter Account Password in Company Preferences

  • Go to Maintenance > Preferences > Company (Studio) Preferences and open the General Info tab.

  • Enter your password in the Account Password field. This password was supplied to you when you established your InSpiredByYou account.


Activate InSpiredByYou

  • Go to Maintenance > Preferences > Preferences.

  • To activate InSpiredByYou in Spectra/myStratus, check Activate on the Preferences page.

General Tab

  • Enter your studio's InSpiredByYou Client Username and Password on the General tab. These were provided to you by StudioPlus when you established your InSpired account.

Company Tab

  • Enter your Company Email Address. This will appear on your website.

  • Enter your studio’s Home Page URL. This will be used to link your clients from their page back to your home page.

  • Select a Company Logo. This logo will appear on your InSpiredByYou page in the upper-left corner. This logo should be either a JPEG, TIFFS, or GIF file and should be 240 pixels wide by 120 pixels high.

  • Select a Marketing Image. This image will also appear on you InSpiredByYou page. The images dimension should be 330 pixels wide by 230 pixels high.

  • Select an option for Online Yearbook Selection:

  • Select Do not sell products online if you want to use InSpiredByYou for online preview only. If you check this box your clients will not see options to View Cart/Checkout or Click Here to Start Ordering Products.

  • Select Allow composites to be uploaded and ordered online if you want to be able to upload composite image previews to InSpiredByYou.

    Note: If you upload composites to InSpiredByYou, your clients will be able to order any product for that image, just like a non-composite image. Keep in mind that a composite is a fixed size and may not "fit" properly within the size of some of your products.

  • Select Hide Black and White and Sepia options if you do not want your clients to be able to view and order using the InSpired Black & White or Sepia options.

  • Choose Upload Selected/Unselected Images as Favorites/Hidden to use the selected/unselected status from Spectra/myStratus on InSpiredByYou.

  • Select Do not allow clients to share images on social networking sites to disable the social network sharing feature on your InSpiredByYou site.

  • Select the Require PIN option to require the client to enter a PIN number when e-signing a session contract.

Images Tab

Select your Watermark Options. The watermark will be added to the low-res jpgs as they are uploaded to your InSpiredByYou site.

  • Do not watermark images - Show the images online without any watermark.

  • Use Text - Include up to two lines of text that will be centered across the images.

  • Use a graphic - Use a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file. Click Graphic File to choose the watermark graphic.

  • Opacity - Choose how transparent the watermark text or graphic is on the uploaded image. The larger the number, the darker the text or graphic will be. Note that if you use a JPEG or PNG that does not have any transparent areas, the opacity setting will affect the whole graphic.

Orders Tab

Invoice Defaults

Select the Default Invoice Status for downloaded web orders. We recommend using the invoice status field to keep track of orders that have recently been downloaded. If you have not used invoice statuses before, follow these steps to begin:

  1. Go to Maintenance > Preferences > Company (Studio) Preferences > Invoicing. Check the box to Display Invoice Status on Invoice Screen.

  2. Go to Maintenance > Invoice > Invoice Statuses. Set up at least four invoice statuses:

    • In-Studio Order - Make this the initial status and then in-studio orders will default to this status.

    • Web Order Placed - This will be the default status for downloaded web orders.

    • Web Order Processed - This will be the status you will change the invoice to once you have opened the order and verified it.

    • Order Completed - This will be the final status you set all invoices to once they are completed.

You can also choose a Default Payment Method for your online orders.

Payment Processing

These settings allow you to choose how you will process credit cards online.

  • Process credit cards online - Choose this setting to run your client's credit card real-time during the InSpiredByYou check out process. You must have a TSYS account (in the U.S.) or eWAY account (in Australia and New Zealand) in order to choose this option. Sign up for an account here: Then click Payment Processing Providers to enter your TSYS or eWAY settings.

  • Process credit cards after order download - Choose this if you do not want to run credit cards on InSpiredByYou. You will need to contact the client to get their payment information and then process through your normal processor.

During the online checkout process, clients will have the opportunity to modify their contact information. They can either update their existing client information or choose to enter separate information. By entering separate information, a new client record will be created within your database.

Promotion Maintenance

InSpiredByYou promotion codes can be used by your clients when shopping on InSpiredByYou. You can choose to provide discounted or free products. Follow these steps to set up your InSpired promotion codes:

Go to the Order tab and click Promotion Maintenance. To create a new promotion code, click New on the ribbon.

  • Enter the Promo Code. This will be the code that your clients can enter on InSpiredByYou.

  • Enter the Description. This will appear on your client's order confirmation.

  • Select the Type – either Dollar Amount Off, Percentage Off, or Free Product.

  • Check Is Active if this promo code should be active online.

  • Select the Start Date and End Date that this promo code will be active.

  • The Threshold is the minimum order that has to be placed before the promotion code can be used.

  • Uses Per Session allows you to set how many times this promo code can be used on a session. Enter “0” if it is unlimited.

  • Enter either the percentage or dollar Amount or select the Free Product from your price list.

  • Click OK to finish.

  • Enter as many promo codes as you want. The promo codes will synchronize with the next time you synchronize your settings. See also: Synchronizing InSpiredByYou

InSpired Price List

For each session you upload to InSpiredByYou, you can choose a specific online price list. You may want to have different online price lists for different clients or session types. You may use an existing price list, but it is our recommendation that you create a new, simplified price list for online use.

In Spectra/myStratus, go to the Maintenance > Price List > Price Lists.

  • Create a new price list OR copy a price list and its items and then modify it for web use. Note: Keep your online pricing, options, and packages a simple as possible. Remember that when your clients are ordering online, they won’t have a sales rep to answer questions and make sure they enter everything correctly.

  • When you create or modify a price list for online use, be sure to check the Web Enabled checkbox. Only web-enabled price lists can be uploaded to InSpiredByYou.

  • When setting up packages you have the option to set up pose limits by using the Min/Max # of Images Allowed options. You can also add an Additional Pose Fee. For the additional pose fee, first create a price list item with the fee amount, and then select it as the Additional Pose Fee from the drop-down list. This fee will automatically be added to the price of the package if the client chooses more than the allowed number of images.

  • You can also choose to hide items from your online price list, such as the additional pose fee, that are only available as part of a package and cannot be purchased a la carte. Choose the Hide This Item option for each item you would like to hide.

  • On the tab, you have the option to enter a detailed description as well as select an image for that item. For example, for a package you might want to list what's included in the package and then also upload an image that helps your clients visualize how many portraits of each size are included. This information will be shown online when your clients are choosing items to add to their cart.

    Price List Item Maintenance - InSpired Tab

Payment Methods Maintenance

  • In Spectra, go to Maintenance > Invoice > Payment Methods.

  • For each credit card payment method you want to accept online, check the Web Enabled checkbox. Note that only credit cards can be accepted online – not cash, check, or gift certificates at this time.

Session Types Maintenance

  • In Spectra, go to Maintenance > Session > Session Types.

  • For any session type you would like to use on InSpiredByYou, select the Default Web price list and set a Default Duration online.

Sales Tax Tab

  • Verify that the Sales Tax Method is set up the same way it is for your in-studio orders.  


The Line Item Level tax method is NOT supported in InSpiredByYou.

  • If you use Avalara® AvaTax Calc™ to calculate sales tax on your online orders, you can integrate this service with InSpiredByYou by selecting Automatic under the AvaTax Service Method and entering your account credentialsNote: AvaTax Calc is a third-party tax calculator. You must have an account established with Avalara to use AvaTax with InSpiredByYou.

    To use this method, you must also enter an AvaTax code on each item in your InSpiredByYou price list. The AvaTax code is entered on the InSpiredByYou tab in Price List Items maintenance. See also: Price List Reference

  • Select the Default In-State Tax for orders being shipped to the same state as your studio.

  • Select the Default Out-Of-State Tax for those orders being shipped out of state.

  • Enter a Default Tax Label. This is how sales tax will be described on the client's order confirmation.

Shipping Tab

  • Click Shipping Methods to set up your shipping methods.

  • On the Shipping Methods window, set up different shipping methods and costs that your clients can choose for their online orders. Close the Shipping Methods window when finished.

  • Back on the Shipping tab, select the Default Shipping Method.

Tasks Tab

Use the settings on the Task tab to have Spectra/myStratus auto-create tasks to go along with certain types of InSpiredByYou downloads. Use these tasks to keep your workflow on track. For example, have Spectra/myStratus automatically create a pending task for the album designer when a client submits comments for their online album. Go to Maintenance > Task to set up Task Types and Task Statuses.

3 - Sync Settings to

After set up everything within Spectra/myStratus, you need to actually sync your settings with using the sync tool found on the Tools menu. The sync tool will be something you'll use whenever a change is made to your settings within Spectra/myStratus. Follow the instructions in Synchronizing InSpiredByYou to complete your sync.

4 - Link Your Studio Website to

Set up a link from your studio website to your website.

  • Create a button on your website home page called "View Images" or something similar.

  • Link this button to your InSpired website using the URL provided to you by StudioPlus.

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