The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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FAQs - Ex-Employees

"I have an employee who is no longer with my business - what do I need to do to ensure that person no longer has access to my database?"

This situation is most commonly found with myStratus users, since their database is hosted in the cloud and accessible anywhere with an internet connection, but Spectra users should also follow a similar protocol as well. Whether you parted on positive or negative terms with your ex-employee, it's important to keep your records in order to prevent any mishaps.

Remove any Mobile Devices - myStratus only

If you utilize the myStratus mobile app for your business, make sure you've removed your ex-employee's access to the app. To accomplish this, go to Maintenance > General > Mobile Devices. Check the box Inactive on the line that belongs to the ex-employee.

Inactivate User Preferences

The most important step to keep an ex-employee from having access to your database is to inactivate their user. Go to Maintenance > General > Users and open the user who is no longer with your business. From the Account tab, check the box Inactive to mark the employee as inactive. Click OK to save the record. Note: For your own record keeping practices, we recommend you set a user as Inactive instead of simply deleting their user record.

myStratus users, from the Account tab of the User Maintenance, you'll also want to uncheck the boxes to Allow Access to myStratus Desktop App and Allow Access to myStratus Web App. This will prevent the ex-employee from accessing your web app and desktop app. The user won't have access to these apps so long as you've checked the box to set them inactive, but if you can't set the user as inactive right away - for instance, if you need to re-assign any task, call, session records, etc., you can uncheck the user's ability to access the apps. This will prevent the user from accessing the database while you get your records in order.

Change Passwords

It's common for employees working together to share their passwords. Even if it's a one-time instance where you gave them the administrator password so they could temporarily bypass a security setting, your ex-employee may still remember the passwords of other employees in your business. 

To require each member of your team to update their password, go to Maintenance > General > Users. Open each user, go to the Account tab, and check the box Must Reset Password. Click OK to save the preference. The next time each employee logs into Spectra/myStratus, they will be required to set up a new password. This ensures that each time an employee leaves your studio, the passwords will remain secure for your current employees.

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