The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Tips for Managing InSpiredByYou

For detailed instruction on setting up, synchronizing, and using InSpiredByYou, refer to the following topics:

Below you'll find some additional tips that will be helpful as you manage your sessions in Spectra/myStratus.

InSpiredByYou on the Home Page

Once you have enabled your InSpiredByYou website in the preferences, you should have a section on your home page for information.  


If you do not have this section, click Customize Your Home Page in the upper-right corner and select Services from the list of home page panels. The section of the Services panel will tell you how many web orders are ready to download, how many sessions are set to expire (along with a link you'll use to take them down), how many sessions you currently have active online, and how many images are being hosted by The panel will automatically update periodically or you can click Refresh.

Make a Shortcut to InSpiredByYou

Click Add User Shortcut in the upper-right corner of Spectra/myStratus and add your login link. You can add this shortcut for all users by going to Maintenance > General (Studio) > Company Shortcuts. See also: Company Shortcuts

Customize the Session and Invoice Hubs

Use the Column Chooser to add the Session Web Expire Date and Invoice Web Order Number to your hubs so you can quickly identify sessions that have been uploaded and invoices that have been downloaded. You can also add the Yearbook Image field so you can see if your clients have chosen a specific image for the yearbook. See also: Customizing the Hubs

Session Status Triggers to Email

Add Session Status Triggers to notify your clients when their images have been posted online. Set up a trigger to notify them before their online session expires to encourage last-minute orders. See also: Session Status Triggers

Invoice Status Triggers to Email

Add Invoice Status Triggers for your InSpiredByYou invoices that will automatically notify your customers when you've received their order, when the order has been processed, or when it's ready to be picked up. See also: Invoice Status Triggers

Invoice Filter For Today's Orders

Create a filter in the Filter Builder for your "Web Orders Today" so you can easily access your list of daily orders. See also: Filter Builder

Form Letters and HTML Emails

With the proper type of letter or email, you can add the web expire date to the communication you send. See also: Form Letter Builder and HTML Email Builder

Reset the Online Login

For any client that has a session uploaded to your InSpiredByYou website, you can open their client record, go to the Online tab, and choose Reset Login. This will reset their password to their last name.

Extend or Expire an Online Session

If you need to extend an online session for a client, open the session in Spectra/myStratus and click Extend Expiration Date on the Online tab. You can also use this option to manually expire a session that you no longer want on Choose a past date and click OK. If you return to the home page and click refresh, the expired session should appear in the Services panel so you can take it down.


The Expire Date for online sessions may come and go, but you still must take down the session in Spectra/myStratus to close the online session for viewing and ordering and to remove the images from your website. The Expire Date is your prompt to do that. For more information on taking down expired sessions, refer to the "Taking Down Online Sessions" section of Using InSpiredByYou.

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