The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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FAQ - Email Block Lists

Q:  Why didn't my client receive my email?

A: A client may not receive an email from you for several reasons.  Read on to find out about Block Lists and the Allow Email Marketing feature in Spectra and myStratus Desktop. 

Email Block Lists

Block lists are a feature of the StudioPlus Mail service. When an email address is undeliverable, reported as spam, or unsubscribed by the recipient, the email address is automatically added to a block list in Spectra/myStratus. Refer to StudioPlus Mail Overview for more information about this service. 

How do I know if someone is on a block list?

Open the client record and take a look at their email address. If one or more of the client/family members' email addresses are currently being blocked, you'll see a red symbol (see image below). Click the symbol to see which addresses have been blocked, along with the reason (spam report, bounce, or unsubscribe).

Can I remove a client from a block list?

Yes, you can remove them from a block list. But be careful, your reputation may depend on it! Whether you know it or not, you are continually building a "reputation" as an email sender. See this helpful article to find out why you need to take maintaining a good sender reputation seriously.

If you find that an email address is on a block list:

  • Reinstate the address - If you have a legitimate reason to put the email address back into service, just click the link to remove it from the block list. Again, to maintain a good sender reputation, this should not be done without a legitimate reason. NOTE: Limit access to this feature with security settings in Maintenance > General (Studio) > Security Groups. See Security Groups  for more information.

  • Delete the address - Delete addresses that simply aren't needed by clicking the link to remove the address from the client record. The email address will be permanently deleted from Spectra/myStratus.

Allow Email Marketing

Allow Email Marketing is a feature included in all versions of Spectra and myStratus, regardless of whether or not the StudioPlus Mail service is being used. If a client isn't receiving your emails, this could be the reason why. Here's how to check:

  1. Open the client record.

  2. Look in the bottom left portion of the General tab to see the Allow Email Marketing checkbox.


  3. When this box is left unchecked, the client will be omitted from a variety of communication features throughout the software, such as the Communication Wizard. See also: Communication Wizard

  4. Check the box if you're sure the client wants to receive emails from you.

  5. To default this box checked on all clients created moving forward, visit Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences > Clients tab. See also Company Preferences - Clients

  6. Save & Close the client record when finished.


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