The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Troubleshooting DataSafe Setup


If you are experiencing problems getting your offsite DataSafe backup to work please refer to the following steps to ensure it is properly set up. If you're still having issues after reviewing the steps below, please contact technical support for further assistance.


  1. Check the software version. You need to be on Spectra 2011 Volume 1 Release 8 or higher to ensure DataSafe will run properly via the Control Center. Go to Help > About in Spectra to verify the version, volume, and release of your installed software.

  2. Verify your Control Center settings. Go to Utilities > Control Center to open the Control Center.

    • Make sure the Control Center is enabled.

    • Make sure the Backup Database Locally job is set to run (indicated with a checkmark). Have this job run first.

    • Make sure the Compact and Repair Database job is set to run (indicated with a checkmark). Have this job run second.

    • Make sure the Backup Database Offsite job is set to run (indicated with a checkmark). Have this job run third.

    • The following Control Center jobs must be scheduled to run when no other job is running: Backup Database LocallyBackup Database Offsite (Datasafe)Compact and Repair Database, and Check for Software Updates. Do not allow these jobs to overlap each other, and be careful that your other jobs (such as Process TriggersProcess Pending Payments, and InSpired Session Upload) will not overlap in any way with the jobs that need to be run one-at-a-time, such as DataSafe.

  3. Modify the General Settings in the Control Center. 
    • User initials and password need to be entered with StudioPlus login credentials.

    • Verify that the SMTP Email Server Settings for Notifications are filled out properly.

    • Check the Auto Start Control Center option. Note: You may get a registry error when checking this box. That simply means that the Control Center needs to be run as an administrator in order for it to auto start after a reboot. If you receive the error, close the Control Center and right-click on the icon, choose to run as administrator, and then re-check the auto start box in the Control Center.

  4. Workstation Preferences > Email tab needs to be set up as a precautionary for notifications.
  5. The Control Center should only be enabled on one computer, and only one incident of the Control Center can be running at a time, otherwise the jobs will not run. Check the taskbar for two Control Center icons. Check the Windows Task Manager as well.
  6. StudioPlus needs to be closed out on all computers for the following jobs to run: Backup Database Locally,Backup Database Offsite (DataSafe), and Compact and Repair Database.
  7. The computer that is running the Control Center should remain powered on for the jobs to run successfully.


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