The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


Home > Menus > Maintenance Menu > General (Studio) Maintenance
General (Studio) Maintenance

The following options are found under the Maintenance > General menu. Note: The options on this menu differ between Spectra and myStratus.


Use these to customize how you work with a variety of general lists in Spectra/myStratus Desktop:

Menu Item Description
Budgets used with the Dashboard.
See also: Setting up Budgets
Client Album Statuses

See also: Client Album Statuses
Company Shortcuts
Company shortcuts allow you to quickly access specific areas within the software, along with external applications or websites. See also: Company Shortcuts
Custom Labels and Lists
Change how custom fields are labeled throughout Spectra/myStratus. See also: Custom Labels
Custom Reports
Import and delete custom reports provided by StudioPlus. See also: Custom Reports
Data Entry Validation
Set up validation for fields throughout Spectra/myStratus Desktop. Users can be prompted or not allowed to continue without entering data for a required field. See also: Data Entry Validations
Departments Creating departments allows you to assign emails and tasks to a group of people, rather than a specific individual. See also: Setting up Departments
Mobile Devices

(myStratus only) Authorize and deactivate individual devices for the myStratus mobile app. See also: Authorizing and Deactivating Mobile Devices
OnLocations - Depreciated 2023  (Spectra only) Used to manage OnLocation databases. 
See also: OnLocation
Security Groups Set security collectively for a group of users.
See also: Setting up Security
Special Calendar Events and Holidays Set up holidays or special events you want to appear on the calendar. See also: Holidays and Special Events
Triggers  Set up and manage all triggers. See also: Triggers
Users See also: Setting up Users
Zip Codes See also: Zip Codes

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