The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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How do I offer a Promotion?

Have a Promotion for your clients?  Follow these instructions to set it up!

Decide what type of Promotion to offer

myStratus offers many different types of Promotions -  for details, click here.   These instructions will walk you through setting up a percentage discount on the whole invoice.

Price List:  Maintenance > Price List > Price Lists (Need more info on Price lists?  Click here.)

1.  Select the Price List used for - you may have more than one, but it's easy to copy items from one Price List to another (click here for more info), so you only need to add a new Item Group once, add the promotions, copy the Item Group and drag it to any other Price Lists you offer online.

2.  We recommend adding a New Group that stores all the Promotional Items - be sure to set it up so it's hidden on

3.  Highlight the new group created in step 2 and click the "New Item" button in the ribbon.

4.  We recommend the
Item Identifier be something easy to use since your clients will be typing it in as the Promo Code.

5.  The Item Description is what clients will see as the Promo Item Description.

6.  The Item Type must be a Promotional Item.

7.  The Item Group will be selected already - leave it.

8.  If you want the Promo to work only during a specific date range, set the Item Visibility dates.

9.  Move to the Promotional Item Details tab and select the Promotion Type.  For a full walk through of Promotion Types, click here.

10.  Type in the Percentage Off you're giving clients.

11.  By default, this promotion will apply to All Items.

Save and close, and that's it!  Here's what your clients will see (note:  your colors will be based on the Customization you did when setting up Online Portal Preferences).

After clicking on Enter it now, they will type it in and hit Apply.

Here's the Promo discount the client will see

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