The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Yearbook Approval Report

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

Designed for high school senior photographers, this report lets the studio preview all yearbook images selected for an organization. There is an option to base the report on a graduation year. You may also choose which yearbook image to use (primary or secondary). Note: Yearbook images will only be shown for sessions that have already occurred.

In order for the Yearbook Approval Report to show accurately, the following steps must be completed for each student:

1. Follow the guidelines shown in the High School Senior Workflow page for how to set up Senior Workflow. 
2. Import the student's images into the session record and go to the Organization tab.


One of the most common issues that people have with the Yearbook Approval Report is that they don't have images in a session's Hi Res Folder. The Yearbook Approval Report will not work without images in the Hi Res Folder.  See Stage 1 - Capturing Images for instructions on how to import Hi Res images into the session folders.

3. Select the image for the student's yearbook in the section Primary Yearbook Image.


4. Select Prepare to apply the predetermined crop from Step 1.


In order for the Prepare feature to work, the following criteria must be met:

1. There must be images in the session's Hi Res Folder. See Stage 1 - Capturing Images for more information.

2. A Composite Template must be selected in either the Company Preferences or the student's Organization settings to prepare an image. See Company (Studio) Preferences - Organizations or Organizations for more info.

3. The student's Organization  must have both DPI and  Image Height (Pixels) for yearbook images set in its settings. See Organizations.

5. After the image has been prepared, Save & Close the session. The student's yearbook image should now appear in the Organization folder that was set up in the Company Preferences in Step 1.

6. Go to Reports > Organization Reports > Organization Yearbook Approval To run this report.

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