The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Using the old version of and want to move to the new system?

We're thrilled to offer this incredible update to you, our longstanding users, as part of our myStratus Subscription! If you currently use - meaning you already have client images or contracts online -  and are ready to try the new system, your set-up is slightly different so we can make sure your clients experience a seamless transition. 

You'll follow the set-up outlined in the Existing Users - Upgrading Process section.

New to using

Awesome! We're excited to start on this eCommerce journey with you!

You'll follow the set-up outlined in the New Users - Setting Up InspiredByYou section.

Before getting started, give some thought to which features you want to use online:

  1. Do you want to sell your session images online?
  2. Do you want to let clients e-sign their contracts online?
  3. Do you have other forms you need clients to fill out online?
  4. Do you just want a portal for clients to access and update their communication preferences?


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