The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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eWAY Credit Card Processing (AU NZ)

eWAY™ is a credit card processing company that integrates directly with Spectra, myStratus, and InSpiredByYou in Australia and New Zealand. An alternate service, TSYS, is available for studios in United States. If you're in the US, refer to TSYS Credit Card Processing (US). In addition to making credit card processing extremely easy, StudioPlus and eWAY take much of the hassle out of fulfilling the requirements for your business to become PCI compliant. Click here to learn more about PCI compliance and how it affects you.

The following instructions show you how to complete a credit card transaction in Spectra/myStratus Desktop using 


Your credit card setup and processing in Spectra, myStratus, and InSpiredByYou will be displayed based on the regional settings of your computer. It is important to set up your credit card account credentials correctly in Company (Studio) Preferences with the information given to you by eWAY. This will enable your credit card settings to show the appropriate regional information (e.g., monetary rates, values, and formats, as well as language differences). Usually computers sold in the region you're located in will be set to the correct region by default. If, however, you have clients from other regions, you may wish to advise them that your credit card processing is using your regional standards.

Required Setup

Before you can process credit cards with eWAY through Spectra, myStratus, or InSpiredByYou, you need to establish an eWAY account and get things set up. Refer to Company (Studio) Preferences - eWAY Credit Cards (AU NZ) for complete instructions. 

Processing Credit Cards Using eWAY

  1. When creating a payment Spectra/myStratus, select a credit card payment method from the Payment Methods list. See also: Creating a Payment

  2. When you choose the Payment Method and enter the Payment Amount, the right side of the form will automatically display the authorization information lines. You cannot enter information in these lines. Click the Authorize button. 

  3. The eWAY authorization window opens. Proceed to key in the credit card details.

  4. You can scroll to the top of the form to review the eWAY authorization accuracy (this is handy if you are interrupted and would like to recall that information). You can review this information but it cannot be changed; it is populated by the invoice selection. 

  5. For your convenience, there are two buttons in the upper right portion of the window that link to the eWAY website and their Facebook page. Note: In this example, the card number and person's name, along with the Credit Card Verification number (CCV) are blocked out for security purposes.

  6. When ready, click Pay Now at the bottom of the window (or Cancel if you do not wish to apply this payment amount).

  7. Once the card has been submitted, you will be see a message box telling you if the transaction was authorized or declined. If the transaction was authorized, the payment record in Spectra/myStratus will be saved automatically to prevent the user from exiting out and not saving the record. 


    NOTE: Once a credit card is approved, the payment amount will be locked by default. Only users with the appropriate security clearance will be able to unlock the payment amount, authorization code, and authorization date by clicking the padlock.

Processing eWAY Credit Card Refunds

When processing a refund, eWAY and Spectra/myStratus will force the user to select the payment record that should be refunded. You can refund any amount up to the amount of the original payment. If you have multiple payments you want refunded, you'll need to create a separate refund for each payment.

Settling your Spectra/myStratus Credit Card Batches with eWAY

Your account with eWAY should be set to automatically settle at the end of each day. If not, you may contact eWAY and request automatic settlement. You can also request the time of day that the automatic settlement occurs.

Even though the settlement occurs automatically, it is highly recommended that you verify each of your batches in Spectra/myStratus to ensure that the payments in the software are in balance with eWAY. Here is the recommended procedure:

  1. Customize your End of Day Wizard so that similar payment methods are grouped and posted together. For example, if your MasterCard and Visa transactions are deposited into your bank account as a single deposit, then group them to appear on the same page of the wizard. Click here for more information on customizing your End of Day Wizard.

  2. Either at the end of your business day or at the beginning of your next day, perform an End of Day Posting. Click Tools > End of Day Wizard

Remember these tips:

  • If you are posting before you receive your settlement email you will need to open the eWAY gateway to get your totals for the day. 

  • If you are posting after receiving your settlement email you can use that. 

  • Either way, compare the totals showing in the End of Day Wizard with the batch totals provided by eWAY. Ensure that all totals match. If not, you have an opportunity to correct your mistakes before completing the posting wizard.

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