The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Appointment Types

Enter all the types of appointments you'll want to schedule on your calendar – from consultations to proof reviews to golf dates! Like session types, appointment types can have a default length, a unique color on the calendar, and you can set the descriptions on calendar.


Remember, a linked appointment is with a client and an unlinked appointment is not.

Setting up Appointment Types

  1. Go to Maintenance > Appointment > Appointment Types to open your list of appointment types.

  2. Click New to add a type or double-click on a type to change one. This will open a window where you can set up or modify a session type. Note: You can also make some quick edits right in the grid (i.e., default duration and active/inactive).

  3. Complete the following on the General tab:

  4. Use the Descriptions on Calendar tabs to create different calendar descriptions for this type based on whether it's a linked or unlinked appointment. Open the appropriate tab and make changes to the default description by inserting fields, rearranging information, and/or deleting things you don't need. See also: Session and Appointment Descriptions  

  5. The Online Booking tab (available in myStratus ) is where you choose online settings for an appointment type so you can offer it for online booking. Enabling an appointment type for online booking will include it in the list of appointments (and sessions) clients will see on your online booking page. It will NOT allow people to book appointments until you choose specific time slots that can be scheduled. For further setup information, see Setting Up Online Booking and Scheduling Time Slots.


    • Complete the following Online Booking settings for this appointment type.
        • Available for Online Booking - Check this box to enable online booking for this appointment type. This will include it in the list of appointment types your clients can choose from during the online booking process. It's important you only enable appointment types you plan to actually create available time slots for. See Also: Scheduling Time Slots

        • Online Appointment Type Description - Enter the name for this type of appointment as you want it displayed online. Note: This can be different than what you use internally.

        • Marketing Description - We encourage you to enter a longer description here. Let the client know what to expect with this type of appointment.

        • Auto-Remove conflicting timeslots upon booking - Check this box if you want Stratus to automatically remove any conflicting time slots if one time slot is booked. For example, let's say the you have one 60 minute time slot with two 30 minute time slots in the same time period. If a client books the 60 minute time slot, then the two 30 minute time slots should now get deleted. If later the appointment is cancelled, all three time slots should reappear.

        • Default Appointment Statuses - Select the default Appointment Statuses when this appointment type is booked online. Additionally choose the appointment statuses that will be set if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled online. See also: The Online Booking Experience
        • Location Address - After clients book their appointment online, their confirmation page will display the location for their session. Choose from this drop-down which location should be displayed to the client.

  6. The Online Booking Image tab (available in myStratus ) is for you to upload a marketing image that will be displayed as an example of the appointment during online booking.

  7. Click OK to save and close the appointment type.
  8. Repeat steps 2-5 for any other appointment types you want to offer online.

Organizing your Appointment Types

You may want your appointment types to appear in a certain order for efficiency. Here's how to customize the order:
  1. Go to Maintenance > Appointment > Appointment Types.

  2. Use the Move Up, Move Down and Insert tools on the ribbon to customize the order of the list.

  3. If you prefer alphabetical order, click Auto-Sort and the software will arrange them for you.

  4. Close the window when finished.

Appointment Type Triggers

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

For each appointment type you can also set up various triggers to automatically send emails and SMS text messages, print letters, generate phone calls, or create tasks based on the appointment date or the booked date. See also: Triggers

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