The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Client Reference

This reference topic provides a detailed look at each field and information tab available on a client record. For information about the tools on the ribbon, refer to the Client Ribbon topic.

Client Header

The main client contact information is displayed in the top portion of the client record. This includes the client's name, address, email, phone numbers, and a red call warning (see below for more details on call warnings).

Field Description
Client Image You can choose an image to view on the client record. Click Client Image to add or replace the image. See also: Choosing the Client Image
Name Enter the main client's name. By default, the last name is listed first. This can be changed in Maintenance > Preferences > Company (Studio) Preferences on the Clients tab. See also: Start with Client's First/Last Name
Job Title Enter job title, if any. 
Company Name Enter the client's company here, if needed. If there is no company name and you have selected an organization on the client's Organization tab, that organization name will display here. To revert back to company name, delete the organization name from the Organization tab and re-open the client.
Address Enter the client's address. When you enter the zip code, the city and state information will automatically be filled in. If it isn't, enter the city and state information and the software will save it for next time. See also: Zip Codes
New Address A drop-down is provided to enter alternate addresses for the client.
  • Mailing Address - Choose this option to enter another address for the client that should be used for mailing purposes.
  • New Address - Choose this option and set an effective date if there will be an upcoming address change (i.e., a wedding couple that will have a new address after the wedding). The main address will automatically be replaced with the new one when the effective date arrives. The old address will be copied to the client's Notes tab. The new address and effective date fields will be reset.
Google Maps Click the location icon to open the Google Maps page showing the client's address.
Email A drop down is provided to enter alternate email addresses (NEW 2020!)
  • Primary Email - Fill in the main client's primary email address. this field can only hold a single email address and must be unique from other client records.
  • Secondary Email - Fill in any additional email addresses to reach a client. You can separate multiple email addresses with a semi-colon and space (e.g.;
You can also create a new blank email to this client by clicking the envelope icon. See also: Sending Email
Phone Numbers Enter the client's main phone number and any alternate numbers. The phone number will automatically be formatted. If you have a TAPI-compliant phone system connected to this computer, you can click the phone icon to dial the displayed client's phone number.
SMS Check the SMS option for one or more phone numbers that should receive text messages. Remember, each text message you send will be included in your monthly message count. See also: Sending SMS Texts

Detail Tabs

Detailed information about the client can be found on the tabs across the bottom half of the client record. Each tab holds corresponding information about the client. You can sort the records on each tab by clicking the column label.


You can hide individual tabs if you don't need them for your particular workflow. Go to Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences and open the Clients tab to adjust your settings. See also: Hiding Client Tabs

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