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FAQ - HTML Emails vs. Email Form Letters


Q: What is the difference is between an form letter email and an HTML email?

A: Well, here are two versions of one of our emails -- one created as a form letter and one created with an HTML template provided by our web designer:

As you can see, the form letter email is pretty basic. It includes our logo image and a couple of links. The HTML email is designed much like a webpage and has more impact visually. From a design standpoint, it's a bit like the difference between something you'd create in Microsoft Word (form letter) and a newsletter or flyer you'd create in Microsoft Publisher (HTML email).

Pros & Cons

Here's a brief list of pros and cons.

   Description Pros  Cons

 HTML Email
  • Created by web designer or 3rd party HTML design app. 
  • Added to the software with HTML Email Builder.
  • Can be sent to an individual client or in bulk with the Communication Wizard. 
  • Can include merge fields. 
  • Best for marketing emails.
  • High visual impact.
  • Images are not embedded.
  • Complicated to create (HTML coding required).
  • Graphics require web hosting.
  • Some email programs block images from appearing (i.e., "Click here to see images.").
Form Letter Email
  • Created right in the software with built-in text editor.
  • Can by sent to an individual client or in bulk with the Communication Wizard.
  • Can also be printed or sent as a text message.
  • Great for transactional emails, such as confirmations, reminders, etc.
  • Easy to create in text editor.
  • Not impacted (as much) by email provider.
  • Visually simple.
  • Images are embedded, requiring more system resources.

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